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05-07-2018 17:46:44

Honor Confirmed: Performance-enhancing Revolutionary Technology will come to Previous Products

05-07-2018 17:46:44

Last reply: Ethan 05-07-2018 17:46:44

Last week Honor released its latest flagship smartphone Honor Play and Honor 9i, whose Chinese version is totally different from the Indian version and its name in India is to be expected. At the launch, Honor announced a performance-enhancing technology called GPU Turbo, which has been used on the newest smartphones of Honor.

The good news is that Honor confirms that they will roll out an update to a number of its previous smartphones in the coming months to deliver this new GPU Turbo tech, which, it claims, will enhance the gaming experience on its handsets. Now Honor confirmed Honor 10, Honor View 10, Honor 9 Lite and the Honor 7X in the update list, and Honor 10 is the first batch to be updated from 28th June, but no timescale for the update was given in India.


Generally speaking, GPU Turbo a revolutionary technology called GPU Turbo that’ll change the way we look at smartphone graphics.

 First of all, GPU Turbo can improve the mobile gaming experience, such as in the popular games Knives Out and Arena Of Valo: 5v5 Arena Game, frames of the Honor Play is obviously higher than other phones without the GPU Turbo.

Secondly, GPU Turbo can dramatically increases the Graphics Processing Efficiency on smartphones, thereby allowing smartphones to run heavier graphic intensive games without significantly affecting battery life. The company’s initial tests show that GPU Turbo is able to increase overall GPU performance by 60% while also reducing SoC power consumption by 30%.


What’s more, GPU Turbo can also bring HDR high quality to the game, which can significantly improve the quality of the game scene. In the comparison of Honor Play and another flagship phone without GPU Turbo, the picture of the game scene in Honor Play is indeed more realistic, the light distribution is clearer, and the colors are also more vivid.

 GPU Turbo is the first time to be used on smartphones by Honor and Honor claimed the GPU Turbo feature on its mid-range handsets was beating rival flagship phones in some benchmarking tests. In the future, the mode will also be able to support AR and VR gaming.

We can expect that GPU Turbo is revolution to Android smartphone industry and the devices equipped with new technology and features will become faster and better.






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