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26-06-2018 14:48:24

Redmi Y2 vs. Honor 7C Which is Best Budget Phone

26-06-2018 14:48:24

Last reply: Charlie 26-06-2018 14:48:24

Almost all smartphone brands are trying hard to grasp the budget phone market and that’s why more and more affordable phones with flagship-like specs appear. For example, the Honor 7C and the Redmi Y2 which were launched recently are two of the best budget phones.

That’s why many people whose budget is about 10k-12k around are considering these two products. So, here’s the comparison of the Honor 7C and the Redmi Y2.

 Specs Honor 7C&Redmi Y2 have in common

Due to similar launching date and price, the Honor 7C and the Redmi Y2 have much in common. Both of them has a 5.99-inch 18:9 display with the resolution of 720*1440. They are delivered with different operating systems which based on Android Oreo while their battery is 3080 mAh and 3000 mAh respectively.

Plus, both Honor 7C and Redmi Y2 have two same version: 3GB RAM+32GB ROM and 4GB RAM+64GB ROM though their price is different. The prices of the Honor 7C’s are cheaper than Redmi Y2’s.


Why should you buy the Honor 7C

Honor keeps giving us a surprise when it comes to appearance design. The Honor 7C features a slender body, seamless transitions between its metal and glass surfaces, and a 5.99-inch FullView display with a display ratio of 18:9.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi has repeated same design over and over again. The latest Redmi Y2 who has a plastic body and round corners looks just like its predecessor, the Redmi Y1, and Xiaomi’s latest Redmi 5A.

The Honor 7C has both Face Unlock and Fingerprint Unlock, which are rare among budget phones and they are fast convenient. You can unlock your Honor 7C via looking at the phone and touch the fingerprint sensor almost immediate.


Though the Redmi Y2 also has Face Unlock, it is really slow and unsafe. According to Gadgets 360’s review, the Redmi Y2 claimed “the device can potentially be unlocked by other people using a photo of you” and they “found it to be slower than and not as accurate as other manufacturers' implementations”. This might be a deal breaker for some buyers.

Last but not least, as I mentioned before, the Honor 7C is cheaper.

 Why should you buy the Redmi Y2

If you just compare the numbers, the Redmi Y2 has a better front camera. It has a 16MP front camera and 12MP+5MP dual rear camera while the Honor 7C comes with the 8MP front camera and 13MP+2MP dual rear camera. Both of them have selfie light on the front to help the user take better selfies.

Generally, both the Redmi Y2 and the Honor 7C can take photos of great details and accurate color. With low light, the Honor 7C delivers dimmer photos, comparing to the Redmi Y2. Meanwhile, the Redmi Y2’s photos are kind of over saturated. It’s your call to decide which is better and here are photo samples of these two phones.

Samples of the Redmi Y2

Samples of the Honor 7C


If you want a budget phone with premium appearance and great features, the Honor 7C is your best choice. If you prefer Redmi Y2's photos, then choose the Redmi Y2.






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