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26-06-2018 14:33:27

Honor 10 in Real Life: Consumers' Reviews

26-06-2018 14:33:27

Last reply: Ethan 26-06-2018 14:33:27

It has been a month since the Honor 10 is launched globally and we have seen all kinds of reviews from technology media and YouTuber. However, for common consumers, comments from other consumers is the most important and useful reviews.

In India, Flipkart is the exclusive official seller for the Honor 10 and there are already almost 2000 ratings and more than 500 reviews. So I tried to sum up these reviews and hope it can help you decide whether you should buy the Honor 10 or not.

First of all, the ratings: 4.3/5. Among ratings from Flipkart, about 65% and 21% of buyers rated the Honor 10 “five stars” and “four stars” respectively. Only 7% of buyers chose “one start” and most of them blamed Flipkart’s delivery. So generally the rating of the Honor 10 is positive.

When it comes to advantages, most consumers mentioned the Honor 10’s strong and stable performance and great cameras. It is quite easy to understand why the Honor 10 shows great performance. It is powered by EMUI 8.1 based on Android Oreo 8.1 and it comes with the Kirin 970, which is the same processor equipped by the Huawei P20 and also the powerful one developed by Huawei.

As for the photography, the Honor 10 has 24MP+16MP rear dual camera while the AI mode can recognize more than 500 scenarios in 22 categories in real-time. The Honor 10 also has 24 MP front camera which can automatically synthesize four 0.9μm pixels into a 1.8μm large pixel and quadruples the photosensitive area, enabling it can capture great selfie even with low light.

Unique design is another factor which is mentioned a lot in reviews. The Aurora mirrored glass design reflects a vivid brilliance of color whichever way you look at it and you can see the different color depending on how the light hits it, which is a rare and premium design you won’t see everywhere.

Of course, the Honor 10 has its problems. Some consumers complained about the heating issue, especially when the Honor 10 is charging or use it to play heavy games, which might be a common problem for many mid-range phones.

Plus, another problem mentioned several times by buyers is the lack of the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), which obviously is a compromise to save cost. Because of that, it might be uneasy to shot high-quality videos.


In a word, according to consumers’ reviews, the Honor 10 is great mid-range phones with flagship features while it did have some problems. Are these problems the deal breaker? It depends on your demand. If you really need a phone to shot lots of videos, then the Honor 10 won’t be your best choice. Otherwise, you should consider it.






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