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21-06-2018 16:02:48

[Tutorial] Honor File Manager - Create your Favorite Folder Library!!

21-06-2018 16:02:48

Last reply: huafans0557170537 29-10-2018 19:38:26

Hello Honor Fans!

Honor File Manager, a much needed Application for Managing your Files, have a couple of bonus Features and Functions along with all the expected actions like renaming, moving, copying, deleting, sharing, compressing and so on. However, Honor File Manager now comes with a Favorites Folder option where you can place your favourite stored images, videos or APKs or documents (and other types) regardless of which folder they're in.Setting them to Favorites will enhance your productivity and allow easy access to most frequently used and favorite folders or Files in quick time. In other sense it works as our electronic library.

  • How to add folders as Favourites :

1. From your Home Screen Menu tap on File Manager

.2. Now tap the Local on the Right top.

3. Select the Internal Storage folder.

4. Now, Select the folder which you want to keep as Favourites.

5. Tap the three dots on the bottom Right.

6. Select Add to Favorites.

You are done now

  • How to view your Favourites folder :

Step 1.  From your Home Screen Menu tap on File Manager.

Step 2. Now tap on Downloads and Favourites.

Step 3. Now you will see in Favorites Folder your Folder!!

You can remove your folders from the Favorite list anytime.  To do so you just need to visit your Favorite Library. Now Select the folders which you want to Remove. Tap on Remove from Favorites.

So What's your thoughts about using this handy feature? Let's hear in the comments below.






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