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21-06-2018 15:28:15

Full Review Flagship Budget Phone: Honor 7X

21-06-2018 15:28:15

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The Honor 7X comes with a 5.93-inch bezel-less screen, 16 MP and 2 MP high definition dual-lens rear camera, a Kirin octa-core processor, and 4 GB of RAM across all models, and is available in black or blue color schemes. 

The 4 GB + 32 GB edition retails at 12,999 rupees, while the 4 GB + 64 GB edition is 15,999 rupees. As Honor's first bezel-less phone, the 7X sets a new industry benchmark in terms of specifications, aesthetics, design, and quality, redefining what it means to be a flagship device. At the same time, it takes the initiative in popularizing bezel-less screen technology in budget phones.

As it was unveiled, Honor also announced the Chinese world champion swimmer Sun Yang as its official endorser. It is Olympic champion Sun Yang's further cooperation with Honor after his promotion for Honor 8 Pro.


Honor's First FullView Display Phone: Bringing Bezel-less Screens to the Mainstream

In terms of appearance, the standout feature of the Honor 7X is its 5.93-inch FullView Display, with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and resolution of 2160x1080. It's a design that defies expectations.

As it uses the FullView Display, the Honor 7X is actually 2.7 mm narrower and 2.8 mm shorter than the iPhone 8 Plus which has a screen size of only 5.5 inches. The small size, combined with its sleek, rounded edges, makes the 7X easy to use in just one hand. The design process involved 15 months of alterations, hundreds of blind testing, and 28 hand-made prototypes, all to ensure the phone could be held as comfortably as possible. Similarly, the precise smoothness of the sides is the result of countless redesigns, with numerous 3D models and working prototypes being discarded before settling on the optimal curve. The aluminum casing undergoes pressing, reshaping, NMT (Nano Molding Technology), CNC machining, oxidation coloring, and various other processes to make it both durable and great to touch.

At the same time, the 18:9 aspect ratio has been specifically optimized so that gamers have a 13% wider field of vision than those using a regular 16:9 screen, providing a distinct advantage. Another great thing about the 18:9 aspect ratio is that when watching widescreen videos in, for instance, 21:9, the black bars at the top and bottom of the picture are smaller than you would normally expect. Combined with the 5.93-inch screen, the visual feeling can be stunning.

Also worth mentioning is that Honor has carried out compatibility tests for the 7X's FullView Display with 200 top games and 1,500 mainstream apps, ensuring that everyone can enjoy its benefits both in gaming and daily use.


The Honor 7X's FullView Display is smart and can adjust screen parameters based on the surroundings. In the sunlight, pixel contrast automatically adjusts to increase screen visibility. In dim lighting, the brightness can be reduced to as low as 3 nits, protecting your eyes from the glare of the screen. Meanwhile, Color Enhancement technology increases image saturation, making colors more vivid, while the 2D Gallery soft engine adds richer details to images in the Gallery, automatically sharpening details at the subject edges. Color temperature can be adjusted with a wider range, allowing for more comfortable tones. Video enhancement technology analyzes the scenes in the movie and optimizes them accordingly, making adjustments to specific areas to improve visual clarity and give a more layered feel. For further optimization, Eye comfort mode is enabled to filter out potentially eye-straining blue light. In different light conditions, this mode will automatically alter screen brightness and color temperature to reduce visual fatigue.

In addition, the Honor 7X also supports one-touch split screen and screen off gestures for further ease of use.

Smarter Photography and Upgraded Double Lens

The Honor 7X has an 8 MP front camera, while the rear camera has a 16 MP + 2 MP dual-lens setup.

The Perfect selfie feature offers personalized beautification based on facial analysis. In Portrait mode, the front camera can create a background blurring effect, and with the ten-level beautification algorithm, a simple touch will make a perfect selfie. The AR lens feature allows you to choose over ten sets of entertaining effects to take a unique selfie. You can even try some hands-free selfies using the Gesture control function.

The Honor 7X is fitted with a 16 MP and 2 MP dual-lens camera, and the whole camera system has been upgraded, increasing its speed and usability. The built-in blue-lens infrared filter reduces halation and allows for much cleaner and clearer pictures of nighttime lights.

Optimization has left the Honor 7X with a camera start-up time that's 30% shorter, the ability to focus in as little as 0.18 seconds, a 50% reduction in cool down between taking two photos, and an over 40% faster shutter speed, all making it easier to whip your phone out and take multiple shots in quick succession.

The Honor 7X's rear camera also supports Portrait mode with the ability to adjust the level of beautification, allowing you to capture faces in more details while looking more natural. The default Artistic bokeh feature gives pictures a sense of clearly defined layering and an artistic feel. Wide aperture mode, which allows a choice of aperture ranging from f/0.95 to f/16 enables refocusing after photos are taken, while precise 6D optical axis control and distortion correction algorithm further improve the blurring effect. Moving picture brings your photos to life by capturing the moments just before and after the shot.

The Honor 7X also maintains the photography features of Honor 6X, including Light painting, Beauty mode, Beauty video, Panorama, HDR, Audio note, Ultra snapshot, Timer, Touch to capture, Document readjustment, Slow-mo, and Time-lapse. Honor 7X exclusive watermark is also available for your photo creation.

Superb Functionality and User Experience

The Honor 7X comes with 4 GB RAM, the Kirin 659 chip, 16 nm process, lower power consumption, and high internal storage (expandable up to 256 GB with a TF card). The i5 processor with smart micro-cores can obtain movement data from the phone's accelerometer and compass to record the user's steps taken, distance traveled, and GPS position. During this process the main processor chip does not need to be active, which saves power. Huawei Health and various pedometer apps are also supported.

Software-wise, the Honor 7X runs the EMUI 5.1 system. EMUI 5.1 can learn and predict user behavior, and accordingly allocate CPU, GPU, I/O, and other system resources to frequently used apps, ensuring ultra-fast app startup. The F2FS smart file system actively organizes fragmented files, which, combined with I/O storage optimization, greatly reduces system fragmentation and makes it run like a brand new one all the time. Compared to a traditional Android phone, the Honor 7X runs 20% more smoothly viewing files and witnesses 20% less delay using WeChat after 500 days of use. The compiling speed of the camera has also been increased, allowing for faster image processing.

Battery Life, Communication, Security, Quality: Continuing the Honor Standard

The battery of the Honor 7X has a capacity of 3,340 mAh and adopts the SmartPower 5.0 technology. Compared to the previous Honor 6X, the battery is 8% thinner, but the functionality is maintained. Honor's laboratory testing reveals that the Honor 7X can stay in standby for 22 days, play videos for 12 hours, play music for 91 hours, surf the web for 12 hours, or hold a call for 21 hours, all on a single charge.

In terms of communication, the Honor 7X has the consistency you would expect of an Honor phone, supports VoLTE high quality voice service, and has smart network finding capability.

The security features of the Honor 7X include chip-level protection against fake BTS (base station), a Phone Manager to protect against links sent by text/WeChat/QR code, malware and vulnerability protection, TrustSpace for payment protection, dynamic threat detection, and App Lock. Whatever the situation, the system is well protected.

The Honor 7X has gone through Honor's rigorous testing process to ensure quality. More than 15,000 Honor 7X handsets were used in testing, recreating daily usage scenarios as well as simulating drops, to find the best positions for supporting and shock absorption, so that the battery cover deformation is kept to a minimum and components well protected. The four corners of the phone are reinforced with macromolecular polymers, ensuring its integrity. This goes a long way to resolving the issue of greater vulnerability that comes with bezel-less screen technology.


The Honor X series has always led the industry in popularizing new technology in budget phones. The 3X did it with octa-core processors, the 4X with all network support, the 5X with metallic unibody and fingerprint sensor, and the 6X with dual-lens camera. The 4X, 5X and 6X in doing so sold over ten million units each. This time, it's the turn of the Honor 7X, with its benchmark specs and FullView Display, to once again lead the way.


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