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19-06-2018 16:39:47

[Theme]General Frequently Asked Questions about Huawei EMUI Themes/Fonts

19-06-2018 16:39:47

Last reply: Kyla 19-06-2018 16:39:47

Q1. How to Apply EMUI theme?

A1.  Applying theme is as simple as A, B, C...

       Open theme Application > Browse the themes > Click on the theme that you want to download>

       Click on the download button >After downloading the theme, hit on Apply button

For Pictorial Guide follow this post: https://club.hihonor.com/in/themes.247/theme-faq-how-to-apply-emui-theme-.157846

Q.2 How to Delete EMUI theme?

A 2. Open Theme Application > Go to "Me" Section > Select the theme that you want to delete > Click on the delete icon.

Q3. Does Applying EMUI theme Consume Battery?

A3. No, Theme Application doesn't consume battery, A little battery is consumed when you change your theme...

Q.4 How to change Fonts Style?

A.4 Follow these post to change your fonts style 


Q.5 Online Theme Not showing in theme Store

A.5 Properly Check your Internet Connection also you need to sign in on Huawei ID.

If the problem persists, contact your service provider.

Q.6 How can I Update my themes?

A.6 You can only Update a theme when the theme Owner have registered an update on that theme...

Q.7 My theme only partially Applied

A.7 If the Theme was installed incorrectly, it will only be partially applied. Please retry as instructed


  1. Temporarily apply the default Theme.
  2. Delete the Theme with the issue.
  3. Re-download the relevant Theme 
  4. Apply the relevant Theme again.
  5. And Restart your device.

Note: If the version of your device does not match the Theme, the Theme may be incompatible with some screens.

Q.8 What changes when I use a theme?

A.8 Background images on the Lock screen and the Home screen

  • Application icons
  • Design that is shown when an application provided by Huawei such as Phone, Contacts, Settings, Messages, etc. is running
  • SystemUi [ Battery, Network Style etc]
  • Fonts
  • Other general designs on the device

Q.9 Can I use wallpapers and icons from different themes?

A.9 Yes, You can use different icons and wallpapers of different themes

 Open theme Application > Go to "Me" Section > Customise > and select what you want to choose from different Available Themes...

Q.10 What devices support EMUI Themes?

A.10. All Honor Devices running EMUI on the top will Supports EMUI themes

Q.11 How to Apply Custom EMUI themes that are available outside of theme store

A.11 Follow these Post for Guide


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