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19-06-2018 16:25:47

The New Era of Artificial Intelligence (AI 2.0)

19-06-2018 16:25:47

Last reply: Android Oreo 04-09-2018 17:41:46

As we speak about "Beauty in AI", what does it really mean? #Honor10 embodies AI 2.0 in terms of both hardware and software…

  •  Independent NPU AI Chipset

  •  HiAI Ecosystem

  •  24 + 16MP AI Photography

  •  24MP AI Selfie

But in #Honor10, AI 2.0 is brought to greater heights as it comes with an independently built-in NPU AI chipset that performs way better compared to the likes of Qualcomm Snapdragon and Apple's A11.

It gives a whole new meaning to Advanced Photography for whatever you're taking a photo of. How? Its 24MP + 16MP Dual Camera that provides dual f/1.8 aperture and dual-core phase detection auto focus (PDAF).

If you remember correctly, we mentioned AI 24MP front camera as well and if you didn't know, it takes clearer selfies!

Apart from having an amazing camera, AI 2.0 also gave it an intelligent touch with:

  • Bokeh in selfie mode

  • Detailed imaging

  • 3D facial recognition

  • Correcting optical distortion 

  • AI improved facial lighting for consistency

It is also great for group photography where no one is leftout in a photo(it focuses on everyone) with accurate bokeh effect while it frames your photo intelligently!

Capable of recognizing over 500 scenarios in 22 categories… don’t take our words for it, see it for yourself here!

This is all? Of course not! To make your experience as pleasant as possible

AI 2.0 made it easier when it comes to scene identification and automatic classification (Smart scene categorisation in AI Gallery)

Smart portrait categorisation to recognise faces by individuals and groups.

And Highlights 2.0 where it recognises occasions like birthdays, parties, graduation, sports, weddings and Automatically generate a video with photos and background music.

For The Brave !


I Hope You All Like It. Keep Supporting !

Thank You !






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