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27-06-2018 14:05:31

DND - Uses and Tutorial

27-06-2018 14:05:31

Last reply: Srinivasa Reddy 05-08-2018 18:00:56

Suppose you are in a peace ceremony and you are getting continous calls, messages and other stuffs causing disturbance to you and others around you, or lets say you are in a meeting and you don't want to get disturbed and same thing happening here also, or you had a hard day and you want a sound sleep but these calls and messages don't stop, what would you do? probably switch off your phone. But, then you might miss some important call or message. This is where another feature in our Honor smartphone helps you, which is DND (Do Not Disturb), this feature allows only priority interuptions by a ring or vibration as you set it.

Now, if DND is enabled then you will get a moon sign in your status bar, just like in the image below.

It will silent all the incoming calls and messages. Even if you want you can silent the Alarm as well. You have three different modes in DND, which are as follows:

1. Don't Interrupt -  It silents all incoming calls, messages and even alarms.\\

2. Alarm Only - In this mode only alarm will ring/vib. as per your settings rest calls and messages will not ring/vib.

3. Allow only priority interruptions - Including alarms, some of the calls and messages assigned by you will ring/vib. Others will remain silent.

Steps to Enable DND mode - 

Step 1: Go to settings and select Do Not Disturb.

Step 2: Enable Do Not Disturb.

Step 3: Press on Do Not Disturb Mode, and select the mode which you want, remember the modes we talked about earlier in this article.

If you selected Alarm Only or Don't Interrupt the steps are over. But, just incase you selected Allow only priority interruptions, lets move ahead

Step 4: Select Define Priority Interruptions

Step 5: Enable Repeted Callers option, if the same caller calls you second time within 3mins of last call then you will receive the call in for od a ring/vib.

Step 6: Incase you don't want to get calls and messages from all of your contacts, then click on Calls/Messages.

Step 7: Select the categories of contacts from which you want to get calls and messags.

And now we come to end of article, hope you liked the tutorial. Enjoy the DND feature when you need it without switching off our phones.

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