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15-03-2017 15:46:50

Juggle it like this- Text with one hand & enjoy your morning tea with the other

15-03-2017 15:46:50

Last reply: Honorfans_1931 29-03-2017 20:55:41

What irks you the most on a laid-back Sunday morning?

*If the newspaper hawker has not given the Sunday supplement

*If you wake up just after your favourite TV show is over

*If you find that the groceries are over

*Or if you are not able to check your phone knowing that your bestie just pinged you (And why? Because the hot coffee that you are sipping is darn good to be put on hold)

Now, if we both are on the same boat you must be hinting at the last option as your answer; we can absolutely understand your feelings.

Handling your phone with one hand is pretty taxing.

Doesn’t it get too cumbersome to text with one hand when your other hand is totally occupied in something so meaningful like making a hot cup of cappuccino on a relaxed morning?

The struggle while texting

In such situations, characters on the keyboard that are far from my thumb often give me a hard time. I must admit my favourite word on a day like Sunday is, undoubtedly, ‘GOSSIP’.

Office Gossip, Bollywood Gossip, Neighbourhood Gossip…Gossips of all sorts for that matter. But I must tell you typing this word with left hand, while I am sipping coffee with the right hand, is some task!

For my short thumb to reach till ‘P’ (Alphabets ‘I’, ‘O’, ‘P’ are located at the top right corner of the keyboard) is irksome most of the time.

But then I found out this awesome Smart Assistance Feature in Emotion UI. And it is aptly named as One-Handed UI. EMUI 5.0 also boasts of this feature that lets you work with one hand so seamlessly.  

Go to Settings > Smart Assistance > One-Handed UI. It has two sub-modes. Shifting Keyboard & Mini-screen View.

Once you turn it on, this is how you can use it:

You can see how the Keyboard Shifts to one side in this mode.

When you have nothing much to write but have more to see, like different websites, you can turn on Mini-screen view.

That's called One-hand Magic!

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