How to use Volume adjustment in Android Nougat?

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 by Elza  ,

The volume buttons are set up to control the audio level of the device. That is to control the ringtone, multimedia, alarm, and call volume.  Now EMUI has made it easy to control all these audio level from the same place.

Do you know how? It’s very simple. For that, press the volume up or volume down button on the side of the phone and click on the volume adjustment expanding option. Then the volume adjustment menu will expand to adjust the ringtone, media, alarm, and call volume.


Moreover, for some applications, EMUI will automatically recognize the application and give the appropriate option (Ringtone, Media, Alarms and Calls). For example, while playing games or watching any video, the Volume adjustment menu will appear with Media option to adjust the audio.


Likewise, if you are making a call, the Volume adjustment menu will appear with Calls option.


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 by Lightning_Tiger  ,

Ohh...  UI looks so good. I like it very much. thanks for sharing

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sounding good

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Its great

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Useful info .... Good work  

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 by Chethan_surya  ,

Useful information

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