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Feb 21, 2017 at 11:27AM

EMUI 5.0 : The Aegean Sea, as the main inspiration

Feb 21, 2017 at 11:27AM

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Emotion UI 5.0’s new design drawing inspirations from the azure streaks of the Aegean Sea, an extended embayment of the Mediterranean Sea flanked by Greece and Turkey, represents a ‘cool’ state of mind. The blue looks serene, indicating a state that is far from any sort of chaos.

The fresh design also embraces dollops of white that stands for tranquility. But before we delve into the vast concept of Emui 5.0’s brand-new design, let’s first tell you why and how the Aegean Sea inspires it:

Possessing several unique characteristics, the crystal-clear blue water of the Aegean Sea is of considerable scientific interest. Not just that, being the cradle of two of the great early civilizations, those of Turkey and Greece, it has every potential to hoist several forms of life.

Now, have a look at the famous white-washed houses of the islands. A popular getaway spot for travelers, the stark-white houses and the blue-domed churches on rocky cliffs peeping over the blue sea, provides a view of a lifetime.

This is the place from where Emui draws inspirations for its latest revolutionary design. In short, Emotion UI 5.0 is where Nature marries Technology. This video tells you more...

Starting from the tiny little bubbles in the waters to age-old Grecian architecture-- Huawei has taken note of every neat detail while hatching the concept.

Check out how the software skin has undergone the ideological transformation with a major focus on nature and got a new life with a humble amount of blue and loads of pristine-white.

What is your take on the transformation, write to us...

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