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01-03-2017 14:35:45

‘Born Fast, Stays Fast’- 2 things that I can do super-fast on Emui 5.0

01-03-2017 14:35:45

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‘Born Fast, Stays Fast’ is the mantra of Emotion UI’s latest iteration 5.0. So, while it is all about speed, when I deal with Emui 5.0, I try to measure—not always in terms of figures—how fast it actually gets. I have had a decent amount of time spent on Emui 5.0 on my Honor 8. I have also had a stint on the 4.1 version.

Emui is a heavy software that gives you loads of options for customisation. And people have a love-hate relationship with this. But what surprises me is despite the heavy layers of customization choices that Emui, in general, gives you, after you get a little accustomed to it, it feels so smooth. Honestly, I feel my whole experience with 5.0 has been way smoother.

Here XDA expert TK shows you how faster and smoother Emui 5.0 has got. The below clip is an excerpt from a video that compares both versions of Emui-- 4.1 and 5.0-- on Honor 8 devices (5.0 runs on the Honor 8 that is kept on the right)

2 real-life examples that actually fast-track things for me:

* Clicking a photo in a blink

My love for photography has only got a major boost after I got the Emui 5.0 upgrade.

You must have heard about the Ultra Snapshot feature. It is a feature that helps you take a really rapid snap— without even unlocking your phone—just by pressing the Volume down key twice. This is a really cool feature when you are walking on the streets and suddenly happen to come across something spectacular (Let’s say, you are taking a stroll near Juhu beach in Mumbai and you happen to see Alia Bhatt passing by in her car).

This ‘spectacular thing’ can’t wait for you to take its photo. So you have to be darn quick to capture the moment. Ultra Snapshot comes in handy in such a situation. However, most of the time we tend to miss out on such moments because by the time we open the smartphone camera, the moment becomes a thing of past (Ali Bhatt is gone. All we can see is her car fading into the horizon).

Is there any fix to this?

Well, after having a fascinating bout with Emotion UI 5.0, I vouch for its fastness especially when it comes to taking superfast photos. I have a one-year-old nephew who is the ultimate prankster and he pulls off his acts in the blink of an eye. I have tried taking hundreds of photos of him using the Volume down key. Even when the screen is off, I need to press the volume down key twice to click a photo and it does its job perfectly. To my surprise, it has clicked photos in as fast as 0.9 seconds (camera launch time included).

You might want to know about the advanced CPU technologies that are behind it. Read on... 

EMUI 5.0 | Improved CPU Technologies for 70% Faster App Launches

* Fast-browsing the photo gallery

Smartphone photography has made most of us shutterbugs of sorts. I am no exception. My phone, most of the time, is crammed with photos and videos from various outings.

When I have nothing much to do, instead of twiddling thumbs, I rather love to browse the photo gallery. But one issue seems to be perennial: Those irritating black/ white squares when I am scrolling the gallery at a fast pace. Is there any end to it?!

Emui 5.0 seems to have made it seamlessly smooth for me. Thus I enjoy browsing gallery, swiping left or right and fast-scrolling without any hitch.

Through Machine Learning Emui 5.0 analyses user behavior to make your entire experience flawless and stutter-free. It uses two technologies: Database and Graphics Optimisation. To know more visit HERE.

Honor fan Shashank gives you a detailed view on this-

EMUI 5.0 | A Genuine View- How Much Faster It Can Get

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