App lock : Here’s the How-to-guide

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The prime intention of the Fingerprint sensor on all Honor devices is security. It offers a secure environment protected by fingerprint and password. App lock is one of the key features to protect apps using fingerprint sensor. Now let’s dive into it.

App Lock - the best app protectors which can protect your personal apps. It can lock contacts, e-mail, gallery, settings, or any apps through fingerprint or a password.

How to enable App lock feature?

How to secure apps with App lock?

The fingerprint sensor on Honor devices is not only designed for fast unlocking and security but also equipped with convenient features that help users get more things done.


To know more about the convenient features, visit: A Fingerprint Sensor That Does Its Job in Just 0.3 Seconds!


Hope this is a useful feature, try it out and share your experience.

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Honor devices give secured environment.

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very good job

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