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02-09-2018 13:31:03

The Era of 7nm - Kirin 980

02-09-2018 13:31:03

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2 Days ago, at Berlin's Consumer Electronic Show (IFA) was opened with a huge pomp and show. Mr. Yu Chengdong, CEO, Huawei Consumer Group delivered his keynote speech on 'The Ultimate Power of Mobile AI' and launching Huawei's new generation of top artificial intelligence for the world, Mobile Phone Chip - Kirin 980.

Kirin 980 is driven to bring more powerful, richer and smarter experience to its customers by giving better performance, energy efficiency, intelligence and communication capabilities. Let's see what are we getting as a customer with Kirin 980:

The World's 1st 7nm process mobile phone chip which improves energy efficiency experience

Kirin 980 has become the world's 1st phone chip with 7nm process tech., successfully plugged 6.9 billion transistors into the size of a fingernail. thus, achieving an overall improvement in energy efficiency and performance.

A76 CPU - Makes your phone last longer and run faster

Kirin 980 has now become the world's 1st processor to implement Cortex - A76 based developers in order to break through the performance limits. When compared with the previous gen. processors, it has improved performance by 75% and energy efficiency by 58% in order to meet user's faster and longer lasting mobile phone experience.

Flexible adaptation of 2+2+4 core which gives High Performance and Long Battery Life

Introducing an intelligent scheduling mechanism and creativity designed a new energy-efficient architecture for 2 large cores (based on Cortex-A76 development), 2 large cores (based on Cortex-A76 development), and 4 small cores (Cortex-A55). In comparison with the traditional size and size two-position design, the large, medium and small nuclear energy efficiency architecture provide a more precise scheduling level, which allows the CPU to flexibly adapt in heavy-duty, medium-load, and light-load scenarios, whether you are just texting or It is a hand-to-hand listening and listening song. Kirin 980 can accurately schedule, greatly reducing the power consumption of the CPU in the actual integrated business scenario, and strive to allow users to obtain a higher performance experience while obtaining a longer battery life experience.

G76 GPU with AI FM scheduling technology to Achieve Smart Experience

Being the first commercial, Mali -G76 GPU in the industry, Kirin 980 comes with 46% performance improvement and a 178% improvement in energy efficiency when compared with previous generations. Kirin 980 has introduced AI frequency modulation scheduling technology, which learns from rate, frequency, and touchscreen input changes in real time can predict mobile phone task load.

The intelligent predictive game load which gives a smooth gaming experience

As mentioned above, Kirin 980 is the first commercially available Mali - G76 GPU, it uses AI FM scheduling technology to predict the load per frame in the game, this prediction accuracy can be further increased by 30%. the jitter rate reduces the gamer's stagnation, giving the mobile game users an excellent gaming experience with zero stagnation.

New upgrade 4th Generation self-developed ISP which achieves the balance of Photo Color and Detail

Uses of phone camera has increased extraordinarily these days and so the performance of camera capabilities has always been at the top of the list for Kirin processors.  Kirin 980 adopts a new upgraded 4th generation self-developed ISP to pursue a more beautiful and clear imaging world. The pixel throughput rate is 46% higher than the previous generations. It can adjust image color and grayscale in different regions and support more cameras and adapters. Multiple cameras bring a new camera experience. Introducing a new HDR color reproduction that adjusts image color in sub-areas to achieve a balance of photo color and detail.

Double NPU Blessing - A Leap in achieving AI Recognition quality

under the powerful computing power of dual NPU Kirin 980 can achieve AI scenes such as face recognition, image segmentation, object recognition, object detection, and intelligent translation. In order to get a better experience. Kirin 980 achieves 4,500 images per minute, and the recognition speed is 120% higher than that of the previous generation, which is much higher than the industry's same level.

Whether it's a dance with a strong rhythm or a fast running in front of the camera, Kirin 980 can draw the joints and lines of the human body in real time; powerful object detection capabilities can accurately identify a variety of objects, and can do real-time photo preview Object tracking. Compared with the first artificial smartphone chip Kirin 970, Kirin 980 realized the leap from image recognition to object detection.

Industry's highest peak download rate

For all the crazy downloader out there reading this, Kirin 980 is the 1st in the world to support LTE Cal.21  and supporting the highest download link 1.4Gbps rate. more flexible to deal with the frequency band combination of different operators around the world, to provide consumers with high-speed experience under different carrier networks.

Also, Kirin 980 uses the world's fastest mobile phone WiFi chip Hi1103, the world's first to support 160M bandwidth, the theoretical peak download rate of up to 1.7Gbps, is 1.7 times the industry's same level, bringing users high-speed WiFi connection experience, in public places And in the family and corporate scenarios, mobile phone users can enjoy the "faster one step" WiFi Internet experience.

Also, Hi1103 supports the industry-leading L1+L5 dual-frequency GPS precise positioning, and the positioning accuracy is improved by 10 times in the L5 frequency band, which effectively improves the positioning accuracy of mobile phones, allowing users to use map navigation in areas such as urban canyons and elevated roads with complex terrain. Be able to avoid the "road madness" and reach the target location accurately.

Kirin 980 - World's 1st Platform to provide 5G Capabilities

The Kirin 980 with 7nm process technology and the Baron 5000 baseband modem formally become the first mobile platform to provide 5G functions.

Which Huawei Smartphone will be the first to have Kirin 980?

Summarizing his keynote speech Mr. Yu Chengdong announced that HUAWEI Mate 20 Series will be the first device to come up with Kirin 980 and will be released this fall. 

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