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29-07-2018 22:20:06

[Contest] Wanna Win A Free Trip to Germany? -Check it Out!

29-07-2018 22:20:06

Last reply: Shrinivas7777 18-08-2018 10:35:02

The Contest is Closed.

Winner list:https://club.hihonor.com/in/thread.194735

Dear Honor Fans,

   You don't want to miss this! Our powerful ‘mobile gaming weapon’ is coming! Honor offer you a free luxury tour of 5 days to Germany! You will experience the biggest gaming convention Gamescom 2018! Discover the latest games, test new games before everybody else and be part of the biggest event the games industry has to offer.


1. Free Trip to Germany – 2 Winners

2. Honor Earphone – 2 Winners


Step1: 3 Reasons you like Honor Community?

Step2: Show the screenshot of your best gaming performance Moment!

Step3: Your gaming experience with Honor phone!

Step4: Share this post on your social media page and share the link with us!

Contest Period: Now- 3 AUG

Selection Criteria: Honor official team will choose the winners based on quality (Trip to Germany). Earphone winners will be selected by percentage.

Trip Details

Date: Aug 21 – Aug 25, 2018

Location: Cologne, Germany

Honor will offer:

  • Accommodation and transportation fee.

  • Gamescom ticket.

  • Meet up with other Global Honor Fans.

Note: Honor won’t be responsible for Visa application.


1. All replies and photos/videos are prohibited with pornography, politics, promotion, and outer chain content. The ID will be banned once we found. ‍‍

2. Each ID / Profile is entitled to one entry only. If someone makes multiple threads/photos/videos, only the first one will be counted‍‍

3. The list announced will be the result and Honor reserved the right of final explanation for the recruitment. ‍‍ 

Comments (54)
  • Honorfans0535993402
    29-07-2018 22:23:10 #1

  • PraveenGomawat
    29-07-2018 22:45:36 #2

    Wow.... Awesome guys
    29-07-2018 23:09:04 #3

    The post has been buried
  • AmarN
    29-07-2018 23:17:29 #4

    wow amazing contest
  • Kishan
    29-07-2018 23:35:36 #5

    Step 1:-

    *3 Reasons you like Honor Community are*

    1st Reason :- Honor community conducts many interesting and innovative contests. Which provides honor fans the opportunities to win gifts.

    2nd Reason :- Moderators of Honor community are very hard working & successful in managing the whole honor community very well. They are excellent at there work. I appreciate there hardwork.

    3rd Reason :- All the Honor super fans provide us Innovative ideas, they  share there knowledge which generates interest in community....Bond of honor community is made stronger by Honor fans.

    Step 2:-

    I play lots of games on my honor 8 pro. Especially PubG. So I am sharing screenshot of my best performance moment of PubG.

    Step 3:-

    *My Gaming experience with Honor phone* :-

    I am a proud owner of Honor 8 pro. I bought this phone because of 3 reasons:-

    1. Display :- It has Quad HD LTPS IPS large display which makes my gaming experience more immersive.

    2.Processor & Ram :- It has a great combination of Kirin 960 cpu & Mali G71 MP8 gpu. It was first phone to have a VULCAN api technology from Honor. It also has whopping 6GB of ram. This specifications are enough to run any graphic intensive game very smooth.

    3.Battery :- Honor 8 pro has massive 4000 mah battery with well optimized EMUI 8.0 . With such huge battery I can play games for many hours.

    Overall Honor phones provide best in class gaming experience.

    Step 4:- 


    Facebook :- 


    Twitter :- https://twitter.com/imkishankp/status/1023627393511116802?s=19

    Kishan, 30-07-2018 01:35:09
    reply to:Pritam_Sunny✈
    Pritam_Sunny✈, 30-07-2018 22:36:13
    reply to:Kishan
  • AdiHonor
    30-07-2018 00:17:12 #6

    Thank you so much for such opportunity honor team 

    As a gamer I really appreciate these opportunities from this community. 

    Step #1

    Honor community is the platform where we can share our issues,experiences, ideas and knowledge with honor officials and every Community user. 

    Three things I like most about honor community>>>

    1)Proper support from Honor team. 

    2)Best platform for sharing our issues, ideas, knowledge and content. 

    3)Lot's of opportunities here for honor fans like users can participate in contests , get chance to join official teams like Product team, Tech team, photography teams 

    Step #2

    My Performance while playing PUBG on Honor 9 lite:-

    Step #3

    Gaming experience with my honor device:-

    I have used many honor devices before and the gaming experience was pretty good, specially in View 10 and Honor 8 pro. Currently I'm using honor 9 lite and I'm amazed with it's overall  gaming performance. 

    Honor 9 lite got Inbuilt game suite application for flawless gaming performance:-

    There are two options>>

     Gaming mode and uninterrupted gaming feature in game suite application which enables smart optimization which reduce the gaming performance and avoids any calls and sms. 

    Overall gaming performance on Honor devices are good, but I'm so excited for the upcoming gaming beast #Honorplay. 

    My Social sharing links%-

    My Facebook page:-


    Facebook Honor Group:-


    Google Plus:-


    Pritam_Sunny✈, 30-07-2018 01:31:43
    reply to:Pritam_Sunny✈
    Pritam_Sunny✈, 30-07-2018 12:22:20
    reply to:AdiHonor
  • Rockstar
    30-07-2018 05:51:33 #7

    Good morning to all...

    STEP 1


    1. It Consider Me As a Family - Really HONOR Club is a place where you can show your skills. And i like this Community because every member is cool , generous and helpful. I feel happy Here.

    2. Best Community in terms of content , contest , and thread- This is the best highlights of our community. For every Query there is a fast solutions. Moderator , team members and Officials provide their best efforts to serve for community. I really appreciate it. Thanks to all.

    3. Best Growing Community in today's time

    It is said that

    " If we lose then our hope will still alive that motivate us to hard work and we will again reback to win."

    This is the best strategy of HONOR  they do very hardwork to provide its users the best quality services. Seeing this hope I got confidence to do some for my Community.

    Currently I am product team member and I feel happy with it.

    Step 2: Gaming screenshot

    Step 3 : Gaming on my phone

    Well my journey starts with HONOR phones itself. My first phone was honor 5x then honor 6x and last i have honor 9i. My friend says you can also buy 7x to maintain series. I purchase it for my father.

    As currently I have HONOR 9i. Its the world first smartphone Having 4 cameras and with AI.

    I always play lots of gaming with my honor 9i.

    You can see i have many games installed.

    I think this is the full packed device with all Features.

    Smart Game suite: this phone has game suite which helps you in uninterrupted and smooth gaming.

    Step 4: 

    Twitter link-


    Facebook group  link-https://m.facebook.com/groups/121218591902688view=permalink&id=208819509809262

    Facebook profile link-


    That's all I want to say...thank you for everything. Hope to be part of this event.

    Thank you so much to all officials to launch such an event.

    Honor for the Brave..

  • Pritam_Sunny✈
    30-07-2018 09:10:29 #8

    STEP 1


    1. KNOWLEDGE:- In the community I learn lots of things from many people and by their posts. I also share my knowledge with my friends and those in need and this feels me really great. 

    2. UNITY:- I always respect and desire unity and in the community, I feel that every moment. Everyone is connected to the other which creates unity, affection, respect and a close bonding between the members. This is the best among the all other communities in India.

    3. INSPIRATION:- Honor community really inspires me a lot. I see the moderators and the admins work so hard to get the things going. I know how hard and difficult to create a post because it requires a lot of research, patience and dedication to write something on a topic so this is really an inspiration for me and I will take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all of them for their fabulous work. 

    BONUS: I also thank them for loving us so much for providing so many gifts by organising so many contests which makes this really enjoying at the same moment. I really love you from my core of heart. 

    STEP 2


    I have best scores from other racing games too but I am playing PUBG a lot these days and I have just started playing from the past 8 days but I am a big fan now. This game was special for me as others died early but yet I managed to win that's why I got good reward points (789) and medals (7).


    STEP 3

    Below are some games which I play a lot especially shooting and racing:-

    I have 2 Honor devices one is Honor 6x and another is Honor 7C. I play games on my Honor 6x and I never felt any lag in playing any kind of games and works like butter smooth. The device is 9 months old yet it runs the game as if new. I congratulate Honor for their marvellous devices and great hardware and giving us so much beautiful devices.

    STEP 4

    Twitter:- https://twitter.com/PritamScc/status/1023752953398681600

    Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/topritam/posts/2227995494148766

    Why should Honor give me this opportunity?

    1. I am a gamer with never give up thinking and I can bring glory to HONOR and my country if provided opportunity.

    2. I am a big fan of German Football in the world cup and know a bit german too so this will help me in travelling to Germany.

    3. I really want to be there in Gamescom 2018 and experience some games.

     This will be the unforgettable birthday as it is on 21st August.

    So shall I start packing ??

    I express my gratitude and thanks to Hansa Ma'am, moderators and Team Honor for giving us this opportunity. Please consider me I shall be grateful. Thank You all :)

    AdiHonor, 30-07-2018 10:59:25
    reply to:
    Pritam_Sunny✈, 30-07-2018 12:21:36
    reply to:AdiHonor
  • Vaibhav_268
    30-07-2018 09:23:41 #9

    Step 1:

    Reasons I liked and Love about Honor Community:

    1) Honor Community respect their all fans and provides an opportunity to interact with all official events without restrictions. They treat all fans equal as a part of Honor family whether it is product launch event, competitions or any improvement suggestions. It is one of the best lifetime experiences to be part of Honor India community.

    2) Honor community is one of the official platforms to all Honor device users. User can ask the queries and issues related to their device, they can request new feature additions to make the Honor device more competitive than others. The moderators and other pro fans are very helpful and kind in each section.


    3) Honor community allows normal Honor device user to become pro fan if they are active and produce great quality content.  This will provide good platform that will help you to share your knowledge about latest news and technologies, tips and tricks with others in the community. You will be never avoided if you are good content writer. This is my personal experience.

    Step 2:

    My gaming experience with Honor 9 Lite:

    I was not into the gaming much as I was using very basic mobile for many years. But when I purchased Honor 9 Lite, I have started to play some light games. Then my gaming interest got developed and I started to play some mid and high end graphic games. Personally, I like to play shooting and racing games. I was started getting good experience from Honor 9 Lite because of smooth game play and beautiful FHD+ display. After some period of time, there was an addition of Game suite application that provided uninterrupted gaming support. Now, I use to play the game on Honor 9 Lite almost every day whenever I get the free time. Thank you for developing my gaming interest, Honor. 

    Step 3:

    Some of the screenshots of gameplay in Honor 9 Lite:

     Gearing up for the firing. Enemies can come from anywhere. Isn't it?:Counter Terrorists Shoot

    start fire, else you will get killed: Counter Terrorists Shoot

    Aim the zombie and kill: Zombie Hunter

    Searching for more zombies: Zombie Hunter

    Mission Completed: Zombie Hunter

    Driving at high speed whenever I see empty road: Traffic rider

    Step 4:

    Facebook sharing link:


  • IamSabarish
    30-07-2018 09:49:35 #10

    * I am Sabarish and have been a part of the Honor community since the wake of this year. These are the reasons that I've loved being a part of the lovely community - 

    #1 - The Members - 

    What better reason to be a part of the community than the members ? The Honor community presents every member to meet and befriend people who enjoy Honor products as they do and share their experiences. 

    #2 - News and updates - 

    Honor community is the first place any honor fan would come to know of any new updates about honor and it's products. 

    #3 - Help - 

    Honor community is the go to place for any honor fan to get help on any matter related to their products. The group of active moderators and Honor representatives go the extra mile in helping the members with their problems.

    * Below attached is my most recent milestone in gaming. This is the moment when I finished the Silver league in Asphalt 9 (Gold & Legend league aren't active yet)

    * My gaming experience on my Honor View 10 (or my honor 6x before this) has been great. The Kirin 970 and 6GB RAM, along with the AI optimisations aboard EMUI 8, makes gaming a blitz on the device. This is evident when we see a constantly high frame rate while screen recording in FHD. This is the reason why I've started to invest in a lot of premium graphics intensive games after I purchased the View 10. The following are the current roster of games that I play - 

    * My social share links are

    Twitter -


    * I'd love to be a part of Honor's event in Germany and also to participate in Games om 2018, being a huge smartphone, PC and console gaming enthusiast. 

    KAVIN, 31-07-2018 09:13:41
    reply to:IamSabarish

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