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28-07-2018 19:11:46

[Fan Recruitment] The New Honor Product Launch Event-APPLY NOW!

28-07-2018 19:11:46

Last reply: GouravManhas 27-09-2018 12:12:17

The contest is closed. 

Winner List: https://club.hihonor.com/in/topic.357/topic.193761

Dear Honor Fans,

  A smartphone is just as good as a place for digital entertainment as the black monolith parked in front of the TV. The best gaming/entertaining smartphone will not only let you play today's best smartphone games, but it ensures you to have the best visuals and performance for years to come. Honor invites you to witness the Launch Event of a powerful new product and experience the latest turbo GPU technology!


Event Date:6 AUG

Recruitment Date:  Now-2 AUG

 Recruitment Quantity:  40 Fans  

List Announcement Date:  3 AUG

How to participate:

Step 1: Comment with:Tag #HONORAI+Your City+ 3 Key Features/Configurations that Makes an ideal Gaming/Entertaining Phone

Step 2: Fill the form→ https://goo.gl/forms/idG4wehmhJ37bwTE2

Step 3: Share this post on your social media page! Share your link with us!

Selection Criteria: Honor official team will choose the winners based on quality.



1. We will have someone from Honor team to provide detailed information after list announcement, please make sure that you provide the correct information.

‍‍2. All replies and photos/videos are prohibited with pornography, politics, promotion, and outer chain content. The ID will be banned once we found. ‍‍

‍‍3. Each ID / Profile is entitled to one entry only. If someone makes multiple threads/photos/videos, only the first one will be counted‍‍

‍‍4. The list announced will be the result and Honor reserved the right of final explanation for the recruitment. ‍‍ 

Last Launch Event Fan Experience:https://club.hihonor.com/in/thread.189945

Comments (153)
  • RituGupta
    28-07-2018 22:30:57     #42

    #HONORAI + RANCHI + 3 Key features/configuration that makes an ideal gaming/entertainment phone are 

    1. Support VR(virtual reality):- vr is an immersive computer system that mimies the world we see around us. It can also be used to create imaginary worlds or in other words.it can be used to create immersive games.

    2. RAM(Ramdom access memory):- At a minimum,we will want at least 4gb of ram to run modern gaming applications.however as a general rule of thumb 8gb of RAM is recommended to avoid any performance or speed related issues.some games may find the need for up to 16gb of RAM.

    3. Best Processor:-

    Just like in pc's we need a powerful GPU To enjoy all games at games at high graphics but there aren't any spearate GPU's for mobile phones,both CPU and GPU comes as single package inside the processor.which increase speed and performance of game.

    Link:- https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=362242944306550&id=100015625426948

  • aravindmnair
    28-07-2018 23:11:03     #46

    #HonorAI +  Kochi  

    1. A Big Display with an optimal refresh rate for allowing games made for the phone to have silky smooth framerates with little to no lag or screen tearing.

    2. Besides the display features, the phone also should have a bigger battery and fastcharging support, with an SoC designed to handle heavy graphics processing with less power consumption. 

    3. And finally, there should not be any heating issues for long hours of game plays. ie. The phone should be able to deliver a higher performance without compromising graphical output and user experience.

    (And..i just cant wait to experience the innovative tech  GPU Turbo , that can boosts the Graphics Processing Efficiency on smartphones, thereby allowing smartphones to run heavier graphic intensive games without significantly affecting battery life.)

    Sharing link -

    Twitter : https://twitter.com/aravindnair/status/1023257303204605953?s=19

  • NitinStark
    28-07-2018 23:49:56     #48

    #HONORAI+ NEW DELHI + The 3 Key Features/Configurations that Makes an ideal Gaming/Entertaining Phone are:

    1. Processor and GPU Power: Honor Play's Kirin 970 octa-core processor clocked at 2.4 GHz with a Mali-G72 MP12 GPU and a dedicated NPU for AI features + Honor GPU Turbo Tehnology make it most suitable and best gaming phone.

    2. Display: A high resolution, big and crisp display is must for gaming. With 6.3 inches and 1080*2340 resolutions it is best in class.

    3. Battery: The battery life is one of the key components for mobile gaming. Honor Play is supported by a large 3,750mAh battery, given that it is aimed at mobile gamers, GPU Turbo on the phone is also capable of reducing the System on Chip (SoC) energy consumption by 30 percent, so one can expect the phone to last long on a single charge. This is just Awesome!!!

    Twitter Share Link: https://twitter.com/StarkNitin/status/1023271002506125312

    Eagerly looking forward to Honor Launch event!!

  • Kishan
    28-07-2018 19:52:55     #8

    #HONORAI + Mumbai +
    3 key features/configurations that makes an ideal Gaming/Entertaining Phone.

    1. *Display* : Where the whole game is played on and through the screen, it has to be good & honor is known for providing high quality display for immersive gaming experience.

    2. *Processor* : If your phone has a brain, it’s the processor (CPU, GPU and chipset mainly). It, as the name suggests, processes the instructions and executes the commands. So, faster the processor, smoother the performance and  Kirin 970 + Gpu Turbo technology would work wonders.

    3. *Battery* : What’s the point of having everything if your phone doesn’t let you play for more than a couple of hours, right? This is why a gamer’s phone must have a good battery life.

    *Link* :

    Facebook:- https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1891278264265413&id=100001497725132

    Twitter:- https://twitter.com/imkishankp/status/1023211487660306432?s=09

  • Manojkumar14
    28-07-2018 19:20:52 #1


    1.Best response time from phone to the gaming applications

    2.And no lags even with heavy games


    Facebook share link 


    Manojkumar14, 28-07-2018 19:21:47
    reply to:Manojkumar14
  • Arunb
    28-07-2018 19:28:46 #2

    #HONORAI Hyderabad

    1.Best processor to run heavy games

    2.Better Ram Management

    3.Better Battery

    These are the top most priority of mine to play games..


    28-07-2018 19:30:15 #3

    #HONORAI+ Chennai 

    1. Larger Screen Size 

    2. Energy Consumption should be lesser

    3. 4D Experience

    4. Smart Shock ( Vibration Feedback)

    Social Sharing Link


  • MohitK
    28-07-2018 19:40:05 #4

    #HonorAI + New Delhi 1. Battery capacity 2. Better refresh screen rate 3. Heating solution https://twitter.com/NexToWeb/status/1023208628982034432?s=19
  • Kiran_jansari
    28-07-2018 19:47:31 #5


    LOCATION : Ahmedabad.


    What ehanaces the gaming experience 

    1. First of all the resolution of the game should be minimum HD. At higher resolution the games looks so great and we can see whats going on the game actually.

    2.Second thing the how good the display is the audio experience also matters playing games like PUBG too..

    3. Third thing the gaming experience makes more good is how bigger the display is so more display size have more details of the game.

    Fb sharing link : https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2208462142708484&id=100006341592071&fs=0&focus_composer=0&ref=bookmarks

  • VarshaGupta
    28-07-2018 19:48:31 #6


    City: Ranchi

    3 Key Features/Configurations that Makes an ideal Gaming/Entertaining Phone :- 

    1) Large screen

    2) less battery consumption

    3) Good RAM and Smooth functioning phone

    Links : 



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