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15-06-2018 12:15:13

What is GPU Turbo and how does it work?

15-06-2018 12:15:13

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Hi Honor Fans,  

How you doin? Hope you are doing good! 

Today, I am going to talk about what is GPU Turbo and its features. So let's get straight to it.

  • GPU Turbo is a Hardware-Software integrated graphics processing acceleration technology. It reconstructs the traditional graphics processing framework at the lower layer system, improving the user experience.

  • GPU Turbo will improve graphics processing efficiency by 60 % while reducing the SoC energy consumption by 30 %, exceeding the limits of the balance between smartphone performance and energy consumption. 
  • With greater rendering ability, Honor devices would now be able to achieve outstanding graphics quality with GPU Turbo, even if the mobile game application does not support HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging.       



  • The demand for graphics processing capability in smartphones has surged. Today’s popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games demand heavily on smartphones’ graphics processing capability. Cutting-edge technologies like AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and image rendering that also demand high graphic processing ability. 

  • GPUs for mobile platforms have always faced a series of technical constraints like storage, heat dissipation and energy consumption. To address these challenge, Huawei and Honor has designed the GPU Turbo, a key technological breakthrough developed based on the companies accumulated experience in the graphic processing field.
  • Android has always been in a catch-up position from iOS. One important reason is that compared to iOS, Android systems use more hardware resources. For example, on the iOS platform, only 3GB of RAM can complete the same system experience that you will need 6GB or even 8GB of RAM on an Android system. The emergence of GPU Turbo will not only help the flagship devices but even the GPU performance of low-end and mid-range smartphones so that they can use technical means to avoid simply stacking hardware and still improve the user experience. Therefore, you can understand that GPU Turbo is a technology designed for the future. Its biggest significance lies in the fact that Android phones gradually get rid of hardware flaws.

What would be the future applications for this technology – in smartphone?

  • GPU Turbo will benefit mobile games that demand high graphics processing efficiency, enhancing the speed and optimising users gaming experience dramatically.

  • It will become the core capability of Honor smartphones, resulting in an integration between smartphone hardware and EMUI software, as well as a smoother top layer graphics application.
  • In the future, GPU Turbo will be able to support AR and VR, being applied in the sectors including virtual teaching, online shopping to create the best visual experience for users.


Below are the supported devices that are getting this feature and when they will get the update:

June – Mate 10, Honor V10

July – P20 Series, Mate RS Porsche Design, Honor 10,

August – Honor 9 Lite, Honor 7X

September – Mate 9 Series

October – P10 Series, Honor 9, Honor V9

November –  Other Huawei/Honor devices not mentioned above

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