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Jan 04, 2017 at 3:12PM

Honor Photography Contest

Jan 04, 2017 at 3:12PM

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Honor Photography Contest

What is it?

A photography contest for mobile photographers. All entries have to be shot using a mobile phone. 

How to Participate?

Submit your photos in the comments section of this contest post along with a small description about the photo, the category of your entry and the device you used for taking the photo.

Rules and Regulations

1. Every entry should come under one of the below categories:

        a. Beauty Shot: Bring out the beauty in you and take that perfect selfie of yourself.

        b. Good Food: Food is something we have all day long, take a beautiful snap of it and share it with us.  

        c. HDR Photography: Those beautiful scenic shot which looks almost unreal. Get out, snap them and share them

        d. Night Mode: Photos taken in the dark or low-light conditions. Such photos expose never before seen visuals unseen by the naked eye.

        e. Panorama: Sometimes the size of your frame is too restricting to capture the beauty of what you see. Share those super wide/tall panoramas. 

        f. Light Painting: Make your masterpiece with maybe just one torch light or a thousand. The canvas is the whole world.

       g. Wide Aperture Mode: Wide aperture mode is used for close-up shots of objects and people. A characteristic feature of such a photo is that the background will be blurred out making the subject in focus to stand out.

2. Every entry should be shot on a mobile phone. Multiple entries are allowed.

3. Respect copy rights and don’t upload other people’s work as your own. Such entries will be disqualified.

Contest Format:

Round 1

Submit your photos on the community and the best photos will be selected from each category.

Round 2

The best photos from each category will be put up for Fans to vote. The photo with the most votes will be chosen the grand winner.

Judging Criterion

2. The below mentioned factors will be considered when selecting the winners of round 1

        a. Originality of the photo: Photos copied from other sources are a strict no. So be creative and create your own masterpiece. 

        b. Technical Excellence: Photography is an art for the skillful. Exhibit them. 

        c. Composition: The framing and how the final shot look like. And yes, please crop off the parts of the photo that does not need to be in the final frame. 

        d. Artist Merit: Some photos deserve a special mention, just for the effort put into achieving them. We are looking for those hard workers. 

        e. Overall Impact: A good photo is not about just the subject or even just about the background. It’s about the entirety of the photo and the meaning that is conveys.

3. Round 2 winners will be selected based on votes from fans.


1. Each category winner will be rewarded an Honor/Huawei branded T-Shirt

2. The grand prize winner will be rewarded an Honor Smartphone.


The contest starts on 4th January, 2017 and ends on 18th January, 2017.

As always, T&Cs apply:

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