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04-01-2017 18:36:36

[Recruitment]: Honor 5C and Android 7.0, Nougat Beta Test (Preview Version)

04-01-2017 18:36:36

Last reply: Ram 08-04-2017 10:36:27

At Honor, we innovate in response to what we learn about the needs and habits of our customers through research, meaningful engagement and involving them in co-creating products and brand programs.

This creates a shared culture and a set of values – an emotional bond between the brand and the customer - that propel the business alongside the inevitable technology advances and product upgrades.

The BETA Test program offers Honor Fans a chance to experience, collaborate, and help identify bugs in the Preview versions of our EMUI Software. The beta testing is a preview version, thus some features are not included in this version and the version is not stable for all users

When you join the BETA Test program, you will automatically get the latest BETA version of EMUI through an over-the-air (OTA) as and when they are made available.


Test Plan:

Registration period: 4th January till 15th January (First release)

BETA Batch 1: 50(First Release)

BETA Batch 2: 100(Second Release)

Applicable Products:

Honor 5C (NEM- L22) for India Market.

Note: User should be in NEM-L22C675B140/ B151 version to get the N update.


Register Link:



Benefits and Privileges:

1. Priority Access to early software pre-releases.

2. Chance to get special rewards based on their performance in BETA program.

3. Chance to get special invitations for Fan meet ups and new product launches.


Eligibility Criteria:

1. Should own Honor 5C device.

2. Should actively participate and support other Honor fans and Moderator(s).

3. Should spare at least 2 hours daily for testing and reporting issues.

4. Should be ready to share personal details such as Contact number, IMEI and email id for us to support better.



The BETA Tester:

1. Must update the phone as and when software updates are released and use the device as a personal device.

2. Must use, verify, and report as and when the issue is observed in the reporting tool.

3. Must provide timely feedback such as logs and issue scenarios to the Moderator(s) when asked for assistance to fix the bug

4. Must immediately notify the Moderator(s) in case of critical errors (upgrade failure etc). The Honor Fan must provide details as described in issue Reporting Guideline document.


NOTE: It is recommended that users to backup their data before testing, as the BETA is a developer version and might be unstable. You can also choose to opt out of the BETA Test program at any time and return to a stable, public version of EMUI, following our downgrade Guidelines.


New Features added in EMUI 5.0

1. App drawer

2. Stock android style Recent Apps card

3. App twin (Multiple accounts)


4. Contact QR code active sharing


**The beta testing is a preview version, thus some features are not included in this version and the version is not stable for all users.

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